Need a product that can create interactive maps from excel data

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We have a 700+ line excel sheet with our targeted sales locations by city and state. Is there a product that can import our excel data (sales person, city and state) and create an interactive US map of all of the excel data sales locations which can then be interactively used during presentations?

For example, should we present the west coast sales region, we can zoom into that map area and then click on any of the cities that we are targeting.

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Commented: does this and is probably one of the least expensive services for this type of thing.

The other options are to do some programming with Google maps and make a thematic map

The last option is a mapping destkop program like mapinfo This program is about $2300 and I think you also have to get boundry data.  tableau is designed for this as well as other ad-hoc reporting for marketing.  If you want free and are willing to put in effort, then google maps api.



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