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Apply same timing to all slides in a slideshow

SteveL13 asked
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Last Modified: 2019-10-18
I'm trying to setup a slide show using many slides. I have them imported into a PowerPoint presentation and have the transitions setup.  But I can't figure out how to apply the same timing to move from one slide to another for the entire slideshow.  Can someone help?
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On the transition tab, where it says advance slide, click the after button, then add however many seconds you want. The slide will transition automatically after that many seconds.

Click the apply to all button just to the left. That will apply the setting to all slides.

That assumes that you're using the same transition for everything. But if you're using different transitions, when you're going to need to set this on the slides separately. And that case, don't click apply to all.


Perfect.   Thank you!
Jamie GarrochPowerPoint Technical Consultant

I was going to write a macro for that. How did I never see that Apply To All button? Perhaps because it's to the left of the timing with a great big grey line in-between telling me to get outta here :-D
Jamie GarrochPowerPoint Technical Consultant

Read the question AND the answer... properly Jamie (aka me). So, if you DO have different transition effects and you just want to apply the same timing from the selected slide to the rest of the slides then the VBA macro below will do that.

Need to know how to paste this into your PowerPoint file? Read this article.

' PowerPoint VBA Macro to copy slide transition times from one slide to all others
' Copyright (c) 2019 BrightCarbon Ltd. All Rights Reserved.
' Source code is provided under Creative Commons Attribution License
' This means you must give credit for our original creation in the following form:
' "Includes code created by BrightCarbon Ltd. (brightcarbon.com)"
' Commons Deed @ http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/
' License Legal @ http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/legalcode
' Purpose : copies transition time and Advance After state from selected slide
' Author : Jamie Garroch
' Date : 17OCT2019
' Website : https://brightcarbon.com/

Option Explicit

Sub SetTransitionsTheSame()
  Dim oSld1 As Slide, oSld2 As Slide
  Dim tTime As Single
  Dim bAdvanceOnTime As Boolean
  On Error GoTo errorhandler
  Set oSld1 = ActiveWindow.View.Slide
  With oSld1.SlideShowTransition
    tTime = .AdvanceTime
    bAdvanceOnTime = .AdvanceOnTime
  End With
  For Each oSld2 In ActivePresentation.Slides
    With oSld2.SlideShowTransition
      .AdvanceTime = tTime
      .AdvanceOnTime = bAdvanceOnTime
    End With
  If Err Then MsgBox "Select the slide you want to copy the transition" & vbCrLf & "times from first.", vbCritical + vbOKOnly, "BrightCarbon Macro"
End Sub

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I know, it's not very intuitive, is it? :-)

To the original poster -- if you've already applied a bunch of different transitions to your slides (like I sometimes do a cube transition and set the transitions to rotate different directions), then putting your file into slide sorter view is helpful. Then you can select the slides you want, apply the automatically transition after XXX seconds, and it will apply to the selected slides. That way you don't have to hit that Apply to All button and wipe out your transitions.

When I do the cube, I put sorter to a zoom that shows 4 slides across. Then I press CTRL and select all the slides in a column and then set that cube transition rotation (like, from bottom). Then I do the next column and set it to, for example, from left. And so on. Makes it super fast and easy.

Would have mentioned this earlier, but I was typing on my phone!

Ah, you work too hard, my friend. :-)
Jamie GarrochPowerPoint Technical Consultant

Great tip on using the slide sorter view to form virtual columns of slides Echo :-)