VMWare ESXi Free H: DL380 Gen 9 Host with Local storage - VAAI is Not Supported

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I have a client running a HP DL380 Gen 9 server in a single server environment.  It is running ESXi 6.7 Free edition.  I have some thin provisioned VM's that have about 1.5TB of free space now on their drive and I need to free that storage up for the datastore.  I am showing that VAAI is not supported.  

I have little experience with VAAI and not sure if this is something that only works with SAN's or if it is supposed to work with local storage as well.  Any thoughts would be great and this is also a critical production server.
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The issue with FREE is it does not have access to the LICENSED Storage API, and as VAAI is storage related....

It only costs approx $700 for a license for VMwarer vSphere which includes 3 x 2 CPU Licenses for (three servers), and a License for vCenter Server.

So basically $175 per server! Is that too much to ask for a license ? plus all the Management functions, event and performance logging, templates, backup functions which will work, Storage API, SNMP, Migration..... all theser features are then unlocked which makes ESXi more usable!

VAAI is set of APIs, which is offloaded to the Storage devices, e.g. all the heavy lifting cloning, snapshots is performed by the storage device, normally SANS or NAS.

Not local storage!


Thank you for the clarification Andrew.  We usually sell these licensed but this client refused.   I will go back to them with this information.  Thanks!
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You would need a Standard License for vSphere, and only available on SANS...

see here


The HCL will show if the device supports VAAI, but if they have FREE there are no functions which would support it away!

It probably just shows not supported, and they are asking why ?

The hardware!!! does not support it!

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