Unable to Update DHCP Server DNS on Cisco ASA

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Hey there Experts!

I'm running into a frustrating issues with being unable to update DHCP DNS server on CISCO ASA via SSH.
Logging into the ASA we're processing the following CLI CMDS:

ASA-Hostname: Enable
(successful authentication)
ASA-Hostname# dhcpd dns (dns server needed here)

Unfortuantely we're getting an error thrown at the d in the dhcpd command.
I apologize if this is too simple of a question. I tend to avoid Cisco like the plague and maybe I'm missing a step here.
Researching online the DHCPD CMD seems to be the one that I'm needing.

Your help is appreciated!
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Technical Consultant
Go to configuration mode first :)

Petes-HomeASA# conf t
Petes-HomeASA(config)# dhcpd dns
That was the command I was missing.
I couldn't for the life of me remember what it was.

Thank you
Pete LongTechnical Consultant

You're welcome bud :)


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