Example of a Neural Network?

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Example of a Neural Network?

I am interested to know what I can do with Neural Networks and hope to see an example.

Got any?

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perhaps this article will help you better understand: An introduction to Artificial Neural Networks (with example)
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It's a lot easier to have a problem to solve and create a solution.  With that said, take a look at tensorflow https://www.tensorflow.org/.  There are plenty of examples floating around on how it is used.

You can use it to determine what a cow looks like.  Then fly over a field with your drone and automatically count your cows by location.  Or perhaps detect a gun in a video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lh0x54GC1sw.  Or maybe you want to know when your mic detects, "OK, Google".  Or translate language, detect if a paragraph is about something happy, sad, angry or confused.
This series of articles "Machine Learning is Fun":
is a great introduction to ML using neural networks specifically.

Walks you gently through the concepts but always with relevant examples and eventually builds a pretty complete solution to some interesting problems.  There's also links to the code so you can repeat the examples yourself and make changes if you like.

Can't recommend this series too highly.  It's excellent and a quick read.

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