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Word and printing - garbled caracters

Word document with garbled caracters in print preview
We have a number of users who have problems with Word 2016 documents that when printed are seeing garbled characters in both print preview and with their print outs.

At first we suspected the problem to be only with one model of HP printer (LaserJet M605), but now it is happening when printing to a Ricoh MFP.

If the user toggles to a different printer and back to the desired printer, the problem with the fonts goes away.  But it comes back the next time or after working with a few documents later.

We have tried a variety of troubleshooting ideals but have not been able to find a permanent fix.

The computers are running Windows 10 1903 with Office 2016 365 subscription.
The printers are on Windows print server.

See the enclosed screenshot for a look at the document.

Thanks for any tips!

Eric Garneau
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Distinguished Expert 2019

Check printer definition, drivers .
Check whether any user loged into those systems have the same issue. Compare the driver version on those have this issue.

are you pushing printers from a print server?
Distinguished Expert 2019

there were problems with a windows update - https://www.windowscentral.com/how-fix-printing-issues-after-latest-update-windows-10
uninstalling the update seems to fix it
Alan HendersonRetired marine engineer

As arnold implied.
Remove and reinstall printer drivers:

1. Open Settings.
2. Click on Devices.
3. Click on Printers & scanners.
4. Select the printer and click the Remove device button.

If all else fails run System File Checker.

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