VPN to allow worker in China to work

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HI I have a client that is going to china.  He needs his gmail and remote deskop there.   Question does vpn stuff like  turbo VPN and Express VPN work there.  They have a rv042 router that has a vpn clinet and pptp, not sure if they work.
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A VPN alone is not going to do the job inside China unless the VPN traffic is encrypted before it leaves the system.  In fact, inside China I would want two layers of different encryption, and I'd never let the laptop out of my personal possession; not even in the shower.

Internet access for foreigners in China should be thoroughly investigated as to what is permitted and what is not before making the trip.  You can be sure that everything going into and out of a foreigner's system will be monitored and recorded and there will be cameras watching that system for any opportunity.

The system should go there with a blank drive and a CD to download its system image across the internet, using an encryption key that the user should memorize.  And after using it for the last time there use a drive eraser such as DBAN and erase the drive so that nothing unwanted comes home.  And then erase it again once home.

I would absolutely not permit the use of remote desktop there.  There are too many bad possibilities starting with hidden cameras stealing passwords and escalating from there.



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