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1.  I have a macro that I would like to run on multiple files in a folder.  Each file may have between 1 to 400 records in it.  2.  I will need the macro to be able to copy and paste values in Columns G, H, and I (values after macro runs) to the end of the file if the file no matter how many rows it has Again some files only have 1 record, some 10 records, etc.  See macro in the attached file.
Currently the macro removed 2 columns; adds 3 columns, do calculations in the 3 columns (G-I) and remove all columns after column i.
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Benjamin LuSAP/ERP Data Player

Hi Deefel,

The value put in G-I column is text format, what's the calculation you need to do for it.


Column G is an added Column to be the total of Attributes (Total columns to the right of Column I)
Column I counts the number of non-blank values in the Columns to the right of it.
Colum H is a calculation of Column G - Column I

Item   Desc……         Tax....           Column G    Column H   Column I       Weight,    Size,        Height
134     Gold Bands 10.490.48           3                 2                     1                    174      
                                                        there are 3 columns after Column I =Columns(J1:K1)
                                                         Column I (=countif(Column J2:K2,"<>0")-countblank(J2:K2) ~ only 1 column have a value
                                                          Column H: Column G - Column I
Benjamin LuSAP/ERP Data Player

Please upload your file with sample data.
1.File to collect data.
2.File which contain data
Thanks for your help Benjamin.  I found a solution.

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