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I'm going to be replacing computers on our network and we have a naming convention. I'd like to build computer2 at our main office, then take it off-site to replace computer 1. We're on a WAN. Could I give computer2 the same name as computer1 until I swap them and remove computer 1 from the network or is there a better way?
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Do you really need the new computers to have the same name as the old ones? I'd just give computer 2 a different name that fits in your naming convention and call it a day.

However, if that is an absolute must....
Give computer 2 a new name. Then when computer 1 is totally off the network, rename it computer 2 (even better if you rename computer 1 before removing it from the network for good). That ensures there will be no potential conflict. Reason why I am recommending this way is because I assume you need to transfer files from computer 1 to computer 2, which may require they both be on the network at the same time.
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