Any way to solve the problem of light gray text on white background?

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Jeez! Even Experts Exchange uses this no-brainer layout on its pages here and there.

I am getting very tired of reading pages on websites that think they're being hip and with-it by using text that barely contrasts with the page background. And it seems that more and more sites are using this idiotic convention.

My question: other than trying to avoid such sites, which is getting to be impossible, is there any way I can adjust the contrast to make reading the pages easier without having to make the adjustment over and over again for each page I encounter with this setup?

This isn't some grand scheme that was created by opticians and optometrists to increase their bottom line, is it?
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Some browsers allow you to set up a high contrast or "dark" themes.  For those that don't have it built in, there are plugins you can load.

I use an inverter at home for Firefox.

Here is a contrast plugin for Chrome:

Not all sites behave "properly" once the plug in has messed with the CSS but many do.  When I hit a site that doesn't there is a simple icon on my Firefox plugin that allows me to quickly disable it for that site.

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