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Remote print to zerox versalink b405

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Last Modified: 2019-10-18
I need to be able to print from quickbooks from my hotel to my office.

Can I setup remote printing on this zerox printer??
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Principal Software Engineer
By "remote printing" I assume you mean "directly, from the internet, without connecting the printer to a system in the office or to a print server."

And the answer is, "Yes, but within two days everybody on the internet will know there is an open printer on your IP address and you will start going through paper and ink at an alarming rate for printing things you'd rather not see."

Possibly a better solution is to print to a PDF pseudo-printer such as Bullzip, then ship the resulting PDF file to your office where anyone there who needs it can view it without having to print it, and can print it manually if they need a paper copy.


That is what I figured you would tell me.

Thanks for your help!!
Martin NguyenMember Experience manager
Distinguished Expert 2018

Hi Curtis,

Looks like you're in luck and they do have remote printing available for your model printer. You'll have to have someone there install the software however.

The update can be found here.

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