Windows 10 upgrade installer not working on Windows 7 machine

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Windows 10 upgrade disc giving me issues when trying to upgrade a Windows 7 machine. The install DVD starts and gives the screen to Repair or Install and when I select Install, it is asking for drivers.  The HD has drivers, so that is confusing.  But, I have been placed the CD with drivers in the bay and it still stays it can't find the drivers.  

The version of the Win10 OS installer is Product version 10.0.18362.1

What am I doing wrong?
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Are you trying to do a clean (start from scratch) installation or an upgrade?  Are you booting the DVD or are you running it from Windows 7?

Can you provide the exact message it is giving you (or a screen shot) about drivers?  That would help.


I am booting from CD, the screen I see as soon as I press the laptop's start button, after a few seconds, says press any key to launch from CD..or seomthing like that...then it loads files from the DVD and eventually gets to a window that says English and something else and I say Ok, then it gets to a window that asks if I want to Install Now (big button in middle of screen), or Repair this computer....that appears as a link in the lower left of the monitor.  I choose Install Now and then in a few seconds it says the drive doesn't have drivers, prompts me to browse for drivers.

This DVD is a download from Microsoft. It is a free upgrade where it is upgrading Win7 to Win10.
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boot from windows to do the upgrade
if you want to browse for the drivers they will be in x:\windows\system32\driverstore
you will have to look for your os drive letter it may be c or d or some other letter
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Can you look at this?  This is the link I used to download the Windows 10 installer.  It says it will upgrade my Windows 7 to Windows 10.

Is that the right one to use?

Also, when I boot, it either wants to boot from the DVD, or it want's to boot normally in the Windows 7 that is installed on this machine.  

Are you saying there is a way to boot where it boots in Windows 7, but will also do the upgrade to Windows 10?
Yes, you can boot to Windows 7 and then run the Windows 10 installer from there.  You can even download the latest installer from there.

"It is a free upgrade where it is upgrading Win7 to Win10."  How did you determine this?  The free upgrades generally went away a few years ago.
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yes -but you grt a digital licence

wfcr canb you post the Pc model you want to update?
anyhow - here a good upgrade guide :
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I would go into BIOS and see what settings for HDD you have there. Check if you have there AHCI or compatible mode.

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