How to retain Modified Date when migrating to SharePoint?

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Dragging files from Windows Explorer to a SharePoint folder changes the Modified Date to the current date in SharePoint.  We have tried the SharePoint Migration Tool, and it doesn't change the date, but it is too slow for our needs.  (Migrating 20 files to about an hour; we have way more than 20 files.)

We found ShareGate, but its price is prohibitive for this small business.  We saw some references to some PowerShell scripts, but we are wondering if those work the same as the SharePoint Migration Tool.

Does anyone know of a feasible way for us to move migrate several thousand files more quickly?  Or more specifically, to avoid having the Modified Date being changed if we just drag and drop?
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Hi there.. I had this link in my bookmarks. It worked for me. I hope it works for you!

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