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I have a client that with an intermittent issue, she has 2 screens, which I am thinking is part of the problem... but she has been fine for YEARS & no issue... she actually got a NEW computer too & the issue came back??  

She has a 1"-2" WHITE Space on apps when she opens the MAXIMIZE, doesn't happen all the time, but usually she has to reboot & this fixes it, until it comes back??  When this WHITE space is on you can NOT SEE the top of the app to close or minimize or bring out of maximize... just unavailable...

I have brought down the display options to 135% norm is 100%, alot of my clients like the 125% just so everything is bigger... she wanted it a bit bigger in one of her programs & so we have been playing with that area, 150% too big, 140% is good, but the 2" white came back.

I keep thinking it is the 2nd screen maybe causing it... I really don't know, we have been back and forth alot, but the only thing that helps temporarily is reboot or changing the %... but it always comes back...

Any ideas would be appreciated??  

Thanks guys!
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First of all, are these the same screens that were used before? If so, have you tried different monitors? If it is at a hardware level it probably is the screens.  What is the OS of the new computer and what was it on the old one?  Do you notice any patterns with the apps? For instance does this only happen with Windows Store apps or everywhere? What is the setup with user profiles? Is there folder redirection,  local, roaming or Microsoft Online accounts?


Same screens they used before... did not change out monitors... main one is landscape regular way & the 2nd is portrait (vertical) - they use this one for a calendar... never happens on the vertical one... again they have always worked until about 6mo ago.. they started doing this with the OLD computer, we had some other issues & decided to replace the OLD computer with new... now the issue is on the NEW computer... why I am thinking maybe monitor config??  or maybe a windows update back 6mo or so ago which created the problem & they have not solved yet... just a weird intermittent thing.
Same OS Windows 10
She is keeping a LOG for when it happens... a reboot fixes it... so weird

Not sure i understand the last one... but it has a SSD drive & HD drive which i redirected doc/pics, etc to the D Drive... but didn't have this on the OLD one... she is NOT signed into microsoft account, just a LOCAL account... I try to keep that as long as I can... just like it better.

Hope that helps a little... thanks for ur help.
ok I'd try to change the monitors first and see what happens.  if that doesn't fix the issue,  then I'd guess it's a Windows 10 issue,  maybe system restore.  No monitor configs that I am aware of that would cause this
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I just meant on monitor configs.. it shows 2 monitors - each has its OWN resolution & if that was off, maybe that was something to look into... OK on monitor... thanks...

anybody else have any suggestions too??
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Please make sure to update the display drivers to latest available from the vendor, and please check on vendor site or forms for any possible bulletin discussing this issue. Sometimes these issues can be fixed with Windows patches too.
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Some LCD displays will letterbox the display to preserve pixel aspect ratio rather than expanding or contracting to fill the screen when there is a resolution mismatch.

When this problem occurs, bring up Control Panel and check the display resolution set in Windows.  See if the resolution has changed from what it should properly be.  Then (assuming that you have smart LCD displays) check the resolution at the LCD display.  If there is a mismatch between the resolutions, that's what's causing the issue.

Using a non-standard font scale seems to me unlikely as part of the problem, though it admittedly does cause other issues such as problems tuning font clarity using the Cleartype Tuner.
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Process of elimination.
Take an app window in screen 1, full screen
Run the same app in full screen on the other screen
Point being it eliminates the issue being caused by the graphics control, though it has been confirmed through your comment that a new system is in use, and issue remains.

I think from the comments, the screen is going bad.
Mainly the screen gets overheated through use when this issue kicks in. The screen has a controller/processor.
So after everything, it looks like it was a FIREFOX issues... I think they have been having some troubles of late... since about May 2019...

She is using chrome as her default now.. Thanks for all your help guys!!  I really appreciate it!
So after everything, it looks like it was a FIREFOX issues... I think they have been having some troubles of late... since about May 2019...

She is using chrome as her default now.. Thanks for all your help guys!!  I really appreciate it!

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