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FileZilla Server SFTP Connection from outside network.

FileZilla-Server-Connection-Issues-.docxFileZilla Server SFTP connection issue from outside network. I need help resolving issues with sftp connection to filezilla server from outside network. Please see attachment for details for my current Router, FileZilla Server, and FileZilla Client configurations.
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Hi Friend,

SFTP runs on SSH not on the FTP you should open SSH to outside to work SFTP.  But I think better you open SSH to known sources insted of public internet.
David FavorFractional CTO
Distinguished Expert 2019

As Pushpakumara said.

Your title + description talks about FTPS.

Your attachment talks about FTP

FTP (port 21/insecure) != FTPS (port 22, secure)

Tip: If I understand your question correctly, no one from outside your network can connect to an SFTP (SSHD) server which is listening on a local IP.

For this to work, you'll have to create some sort of proxy/NAT arrangement to expose your local IP/port on some public IP/port.
Distinguished Expert 2019

Several things here:
  1. I recommend you obscure your public IP when sharing screenshots on a forum, including this one. Avoids the possibility of attracting attacks unnecessarily.
  2. Filezilla Server supports FTPS, *not* SFTP. While they are both meant to secure FTP connections, they work very differently. SFTP uses SSH, which is what the previous posts have talked about. FTPS uses TLS. And that is exactly what your document is even showing.
  3. I'm not sure if you're using explicit or implicit FTPS, so keep port 21 open for now.

Assuming that you've set up everything else that's needed, in Access Control, open TCP port 990. You will also need to create a Port Forwarding rule. However, you need to make sure that the traffic forwards to the correct system, and that it's for TCP port 990. If you'd rather go for a free SFTP server, go for Solarwinds SFTP/SCP Server.
David FavorFractional CTO
Distinguished Expert 2019

Thanks mansrock, corrected SFTP to FTPS.
Distinguished Expert 2019

@David, your post was correct with SFTP. The author incorrectly wrote SFTP (uses port 22), and you correctly answered based on that. FileZilla Server doesn't support SFTP, so I knew right off the bat that something was amiss. If you read the document that the author attached, then you'll notice that FTPS (uses port 990 by default) is what is actually configured.
Dear author,

You should have good understand about network protocols, port numbers and NAT and source and destination to publish a server in your network and allow access to outside world.
Just a access rule not works for external or inbound connections. access rules works for outbound connections.
You may create publish rule[Port Forwarding] to allow indound (outside) access instead of access rule.

Then you have to put your Server [what ever the service ] as the destination and then you have to select/ceate, port/protocol for the service
after that you have to define source, for your case source  is any.
After reviewing responses on how to setup SFTP server from experts on this site, I decided to use a RHEL7 VM as SFTP server using OpenSSH. And then use FileZilla Client to access the my RHEL7 SFTP server from Windows machines, or use IIS on Windows machines to access my SFTP server.

Thanks for all comments and proposed solution from the experts!