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I am trying to connect to my SharePoint webservice through a add on for VS code called SPGo.  I am getting a 407 error. Proxy Authentication Required. I then am trying to use node-sp-auth to find the correct parameters so I can use SPGo. My company uses OneLogin (ADFS). I don't understand how to make the call to get the required information for the proxy.  I think I am supposed to pass the user and pass with a key using SAML.  

On another note.  I am making a call from within SharePoint to the API to get my list items without issues.  I think the issue is because of MFA.  I do however have the proxy script address.

The call is just:

			url: "../_api/web/lists/....",
	        type: "GET",
	        headers: {
	            "accept": "application/json;odata=verbose",

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did you see the note about ADFS ?


A note for ADFS Authentication: You will need to add the following JSON node to the root of your your SPGo.json file:

"authenticationDetails": {
    "relyingParty": "[relying party]",
    "adfsUrl": "[ADFS Url]"
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I did but I don't know what to put in for "relying party" and ADFS URL".  I assume the ADFS is the proxy service url I have?

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