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want to develop a website with database , search , locking facilitates (view able only by members) etc
To make like this website and to maintain , how many employees required : website developer ? on which platform or language
and web graphic designer

to make like this startup , what is the best plan
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Scott FellDeveloper & EE Moderator
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1) Make a plan.
- Objectives of the site
- Estimate the front end pages required that meet the objectives
- Estimate what it will take behind the scenes to run the front end pages
- Estimate realistic number of users after 12 months, 24 months, .....
- Estimate the requirements for the number of users in 1, 2, 3 years
- Estimate costs for infrastructure for today vs future
- Research infrastructure options (server, cloud/serverless)
- What type of support will be required to maintain infrastructure
- What type of support infrastructure to support users
- Develop a plan of costs and revenue for above
- Gather ideas for design elements, logos
- Create a marketing plan
- What type of database will work best? (MySQL, MSSSQL, Database service as part of your infrastructure etc)
- Will you accept payments? Research payment processors & gateways
- How much cash do you have to burn?
- Do you need investors to meet your needs?

2) Sketch out a flow chart of requirements to meet site objectives.

3) Create rough mock up front end pages based on your plan above.

4) Decide to use ready made templates for front end or hire a designer for custom look and feel.

5) Create some working html static front end pages based on previous steps. Use static dummy data to make sure it works and feels as expected.

6) Design database tables/fields based on what you have come up with for the front end and admin/customer service requirements.

7) Populate database with dummy data.

8) Plug in your database to static pages to create your final pages.

Above is just a quick rough start.  As you can see, I have covered some more detailed info in the planning stage.  This is where you are at now and what you have provided so far is not enough to help answer your questions as to your needs.  The step you need to complete now is the planning step.  Once you start detailing that out, then your needs will start evolving.

Something to think about though, most local websites are typically created by one person. That person is either a left brained geek that takes one step at a time and very methodical but not so good with design. Or they are right brainer that thinks in terms of the whole and are very creative. The one person show that is a left brainer will tend to use templates or not be as concerned with design and vice versa for the right brainer.  

For larger sites or medium and large companies that develop sites, they will use multiple talents. 1) Database Developers 2) Front End Developers 3) Back end Developers 4) Creative/Designers 5) Account manager to act as the liaison to you the client. As you would expect, this will start getting up in costs but may yield a more well rounded result.  This is in part what you have to weigh when starting out.

As far as which platform or language, that is putting the cart before the horse. Get the planning step done first.  At some point, you may need to hire somebody just to help you plan all of this.  You should be thinking now about the different options in your planning stage, but it is too soon to tell.  Think about buying transportation?  Do you go out and buy a $100,000 ford F-350 4X4 when your only use is driving 30 miles to work on public roads and you do not need to tow anything? Or do you buy a some other type of vehicle that meets your driving requirements and budget?
David FavorFractional CTO
Distinguished Expert 2018

You can use WordPress or hire someone to develop all the features you list above, which generally means you'll be trying to develop a WordPress clone from scratch.

Cheaper/Faster to just use WordPress.

Setup a WordPress instance at whatever hosting you use + start playing with site setup.

You may find site setup easier to do yourself or... after playing with WordPress... you'll be able to hire someone much easier, as you'll know all the questions to ask during your interview process...

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