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Phone system with CRM

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Last Modified: 2019-11-06

I'm trying to figure out the best way to connect our current phone system to CRM.
Right now we are rocking with a block of DID’s on a PRI and our phones run through the internet on a dedicated PRI from Comcast.
We have an NEC PBX connected to the Comcast service with NEX UX5000 phones for the sales team.
I don't know where I would start to find a financially viable option that replaces our setup.
I want to keep our current phone numbers, Would I replace out PBX with a cloud PBX such as ring central which easily integrates with CRM's such as salesforce?
Would I replace everything including the Comcast PRI trunk service and go with an all in one package?
I have little phone system knowledge I just want a phone system that can integrate with CRM and has access to answer calls on a phone and see calls come up on the screen.
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Some phone systems have direct CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) capabilities, others require additional software or hardware to provide CTI capabilities. Not all CRM systems have CTI capabilities.

Do you already have Salesforce ?

Maybe you should just ditch your existing phone system.

Some CRM systems like close.io now come IP telephony integrated i.e. you can dial from the app itself. Close.io use the reliable Twilio in their back-end for IP telephony.  

This means your sales reps will know exactly when X customer was called from within the CRM and you have none of the complexity of a PBX system trying to integrate with a CRM.

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