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SSMS 2014 compatible with SQL Server 2016?

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Last Modified: 2020-01-28
I am working on Windows 7.

I have a database on SQL Server 2016.  Apparently, SSMS 2016 cannot be installed on Windows 7, so I am wondering what problems I will run into trying to run SSMS 2014 against the database?

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SSMS is just the client software which is sending SQL commands to SQL Server and then receives results. So the functionality is guaranteed.
We are using SSMS 2012 together with SQL Server 2016.

Of course, certain SSMS features cannot work, e.g. syntax coloring does not recognize all new SQL 2016 functions etc.
lcohanDatabase Analyst

Ouch...(unfortunately the excellent former) Windows 7 OS is out of support for long time now and deemed not to be safe to use and I would be careful with statement like " the functionality is guaranteed." when speaking from lower to higher version like in previous comment as for sure at some point (whenever you least expect and want it) you'll experience problems by using it against a higher version of SQL Server and you'll scratch your head to try understand what's going on - been there done that...so I suggest...

Alternatively you could download and install - I just did that on my old Win 7 laptop - the SSMS 18.1 version which will work for sure with your SQL 2016 from here:
link that I got from here: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sql/ssms/release-notes-ssms?view=sql-server-ver15#previous-ssms-releases

Just make sure you right click and "Run as administrator" the installation file.
I had to have Windows 10 installed on my machine in order for everything to work as expected.

And what did not work for you in SSMS 2014 with SQL Server 2016 on Windows 7?

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