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Android 9, Oreo on Samsung A7 - Suppress Ads in Notifications

Android 9, Oreo.

New phone.

Samsung A7.

Got a notification from...Find My Mobile.

Don't have this app.

Clicking the notification it says "These notifications can't be turned off."

What can I do?  Need notifications from Apps I use.  Don't want ads.


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Ugra Narayan PandeyCloud Security Expert


Follow these steps to Turn off Find My Mobile option:

1. Go to Settings
2. Then, Tap the 'Biometrics and Security' menu.
3. Go to 'Find My Mobile'
4. Tap Switch Off.

Try once if not works then reply
Cloud Security Expert
Then the following process for stop notification:

1. Open the Settings app
2. Tap Notifications
3. Tap Advanced
4. Tap the 3 vertical dots
5. Tap Show system apps
6. Tap Find My Mobile to disable notifications for
7. Tap slider to disable all notifications.
Jackie Man IT Manager
Distinguished Expert 2019

Find My Mobile is the bundled app from SAMSUNG.

Goto Settings -> "Lock screen and security" and you will see "Find My Mobile" in the SECURITY section.

I guess that the notification is to ask you to sign on / sign up for a SAMSUNG account so that your smartphone can be protected by "Find My Mobile".