Multiple Sockets possibility on Hyper V

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Dear Experts,

We have a hyper v cluster running on 2016. One of our customer is asking for 2 sockets 4 core each instead of 1 socket and 8 cores for his virtual machine.

I tried go through the documentation and google search yield inconclusive result. As I see it may not be possible with Hyper V

Can you any suggest if this is possible by any means?

Looking forward to hear from you

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ESXI has this option (believe recently removed) but Hyper-V doesn't have this option.
A lack of information provides a lack of a decent solution.
ESXi still has it but it goes against Vmware's recommendation of prioritising Cores over Sockets, since ESXi 6 it's recommended to have cores over sockets, prior to that, sockets over cores.

If you do it the other way, especially on later editions of V-Sphere, you actually impact performance quite significantly if you have 4 sockets each with 1 core instead of 1 socket and 4 cores.



Hi David, Alex,

Thank you both for quick revert and this helped me conclude that cores are better than sockets with cores


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