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I use Google Calendar as my calendar, which is then synced with Apple's default Calendar app.

My daily events and meetings change several times throughout the day, however Apple Calendar seems to be constantly out of sync with my Google Calendar. It seems like it syncs once an hour so it's quite useless on m my Apple Watch.

Does anyone know if it is possible to get Apple Calendar to sync more frequently with Google Calendar. I can't seem to find any settings.

Thanks in advance for your help.
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Hello oo7ml,

I do not have personal experience with this issue, but I wanted to provide some information I was able to locate.

It sounds like your default Calendar app on your phone is Apple's Calendar and its not syncing info from your Google Calendar that often. You can check to see the Fetch interval set for the app by going to Settings -> Passwords & Accounts -> Fetch New Data -> Gmail.

Then select data to be Pushed to your phone and to Fetch and set the interval.

Found the exact process here if you have any questions.

Another solution that should work is to set Google Calendar as your default calendar app on your phone and it should update more frequently.


Super, thanks
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Glad to help!

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