Chrome infected with Pop-ups & malwarebytes cant rid it

sunhux used Ask the Experts™
I visited using Chrome & since then I've been getting
pop-ups including one saying my PC is damaged/infected.

I then scan using updated Malwarebytes & the "damaged/infected"
message stops popping up but the various advertising pop-ups
continue to show in Chrome: refer to attached screen.  These will
only show up if Chrome is up & running (even if Chrome is not the
active screen currently, the popups will show;  only way to stop is
to shut down Chrome).

How else can I get rid of these persistent pop-ups?  Ideally not
reinstall Chrome as I've a few plug-ins & Bookmarks in it already
& if need to reinstall, let me know how to port over these plug-
ins & bookmarks
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Jackie Man IT Manager
Top Expert 2010

reinstall Chrome is your only option.

If you sign on with your Google account, your bookmarks will be restored on reinstall.


Thanks;  how can I port over the plug-ins or at least check
what are the Chrome plug-ins I have?
Jackie Man IT Manager
Top Expert 2010
Check the section on EXPORT CHROME EXTENSIONS AS CRX FILES in the link below.
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Dr. KlahnPrincipal Software Engineer
Before removing Chrome, you might try this.  Download, install and run Spybot - Search and Destroy.  It handles some things that virus scanners and Malwarebytes do not.  Get the run-on-user-request free version; there is no advantage in having it running all the time as it is only used in these situations where nothing else catches the problem.

If it comes down to uninstalling Chrome, use the Revo Uninstaller to remove it so that as many traces as possible are removed.  This will minimize the chances of the malware returning from something left behind during the standard Windows uninstall.  Be sure to back up your bookmarks first so that you can restore them on the new installation.

Reinstalling the plugins from scratch is a better solution than trying to preserve them across a reload as they may have been tainted by the malware.
Owner & Chief Technologist
I have found in our situations, that if you open Google Chrome by right clicking on the icon and then click run as administrator. When Chrome opens, click on the options and do a search for 'cache', then clear it. Close Chrome and restart the computer.
That should take care of the 'warning' pop ups.

As far as the ads, we find that if you run CCleaner and check the installed programs and put them in order by date, with most recent at the to, you may find new programs installed that are causing the ads. Then run a Malwarebytes Custom Scan.

Lastly, check the browser plugins for anything that might be causing the popup ads.


Thanks very much.

What I've noticed is if I launch Chrome while not connected to
Internet, the pop-ups don't appear: it's only when connected
to Internet with Chrome running.

I don't have local admin rights anymore so can't install Spybot
but kept a copy handy.

ccleaner helps: it doesn't require admin rights & I uncheck "tracker"
cleaning for IE, Firefox, Edge;  leaving it to clean Chrome's trackers
only: no more pop-ups so far.

Will close this thread tomorrow if all's well.

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