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I use a Squid proxy connected to a routerboard / mikrotik that makes a load balance between two links.

Recently some users are reporting slow access to Google Drive, and I believe this issue may be related to load balance.

The question: Can I fix a specific routing for Google Drive? Do I need to do this URL based or can I get IP addresses from Google Drive networks?

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If your router is able to refer to a dns server, you can possibly use policy based routing to set which outbound link you want the router to route to based on the destination URL. This is all based of the capabilities of your router.

I'm sure this is not the best way to solve this problem... I imagine I have had a lot more work doing so and there may be simpler ways to solve it ... but the way I found to solve this problem was to filter out all the requests to * and manually identify all networks ... after identifying the networks, I added fixed routes (bypassing balancing).

in a palliative way the problem is solved (until I find a better and definitive way).

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