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How to import email addresses into Quickbooks Vendor File

mlcktmguy asked
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Last Modified: 2019-10-31
One of our customers would like to associate email addresses with the vendors they have in Quickbooks 2018.

Many years ago we developed an MS Access application to handle some of the core business functions.  The Accesss DB also has most of the same vendors in the QB application.  However, vendors in the Access application already have email addresses entered.

It would be very convenient to create an export of the email addresses from our Access application, which could then be imported into Quickbooks.

I know how to create export files from our application and they can be created in many different formats.  I have no knowledge of Quickbooks though.

In what format and with what contents/fields would the export files have to be created to be imported into the Quickbooks vendor file?

On the Quickbooks side:  What would be the steps to import the file containing the email addresses?
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Bill BachPresident and Btrieve Guru

If this is a one time thing with a limited number of addresses, you may find it easiest to simply enter the data.

For automation from ODBC applications, though, you can't beat QODBC. However, the pricing may be too high for a one time thing like this, as the 30 day evaluation supports only 20 updates per session. If you had numerous ways you could use it, though, it is well worth the money.  I use it myself for integration with a web storefront and for automating the invoicing process.


This is for sure a one time thing but thanks for your input.
President and Btrieve Guru
You could script it so that you do just ONE update in each connection, and just use the 30 day trial. Short, but free!

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