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Save Me from The Hideous Emojis of Android Pie!

Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2019-10-26
Android Pie emojis seem hideous to me.

Please, Please, PLEASE,  P L E A S E...tell me there is some way on a non-rooted Samsung Galaxy A7 phone to roll them back or to alter them.
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IT Manager
It's just a series of standardised icons. It's embedded in either the system or overridden in the individual app you're using. It's part of the OS. Please note, the other side, will receive them as they'd expect, they can't see your hideous emojis, it will be translated to either their OS or app specific emojis.

If you really really want to override it, you'll have to install third party keyboards and/or fonts. They're usually ridden with ads and malware though.



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