I cannot delete two CorelDraw 2019 files.

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I am using CorelDraw 2019. EVERY time I open it the program tells me that it had found two "Auto Backup" files and wanted to know if I wanted to open them. When I open them I can see that they are junk files to me and I take note of the  name of the drawing ( a CDR file ) and close Corel. I went to the folder that I store all CDR files and erased both of the files, yet they both keep coming back. Corel must be storing them some other place that I do not know about. How can I locate the files and delete them?
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Hello Need a Clue,

Have you tried turning clicking Cancel instead of opening them when CorelDraw prompts you about the file? It should delete the backup if you click Cancel.

You can also try starting CorelDraw, turning off Auto Backup, quitting and starting the application again to see if it clears the Auto Backup. If it does then you can turn Auto Backup back on if you wish.


Hello Martin Nguyen,

I am happy to see you are helping.
I did hit cancel on the two files it tells me about and it does not delete the files. When I quit Corel and go back into it the notification is still there for both files. The files are named "Untitled-1*"  and "Untitled-2*" both without the asterisks. I located both of these files and clicked delete on both but it will not complete the delete command.

Regarding your second suggestion, I do not know how to turn Auto Backup on or off and help does not tell me how to accomplish that. Can you tell me how to disable it then re-enable it?
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i don't have Corel Draw, but i found this :  product.corel.com/help/CorelDRAW/540223850/Main/EN/Documentation/wwhelp/wwhimpl/common/html/wwhelp.htm#href=CorelDRAW-Backing-up-and-recovering-files.html&single=true

Backup files are created when you save a drawing. They are named backup_of_filename and are always stored in the same folder as the original drawing. All open or modified files that are not in the CorelDRAW (CDR) file format are backed up as CorelDRAW files.

i hope it helps

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