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Need to make certain all data downloaded from iCloud to my new iPhone

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Last Modified: 2019-11-14
I recently upgraded from aniPhone 7 plus to an 11 Pro MAx. All my data was on iCloud which transferred to the new phone, or so I thought. When I look at the 8000 or so photos and videos, some appear to be on my new phone and open up immediately, some I get a message that the phone needs to download the file first before it opens.

I want to make sure that all my data is residing locally on my new iPhone. How do I accomplish this?
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Jackie Man IT Manager
Distinguished Expert 2019

How do I accomplish this?

There is nothing you can do. Just wait for the download to be finished.

The other option is to backup all contents of your iPhone 7 via iTunes to a PC or Mac and select recover from your backup via iTunes from a PC or Mac. But you need to reset your new iPhone first.


How will I know that the download is completed?
IT Manager
Distinguished Expert 2019
In your computer, goto the URL below and logon with your Apple ID.


You can check how much space has been consumed by the backup of your iPhone

According to the review below, the download speed from iCloud is approximately 5mb/s.


The time to download the backup to your iPhone = Your backup size in mb / 5mb

For example, if your backup size is 20GB = 20 x 1024mb = 20480mb

Then, the time required = 20480mb / 5mb = 4096 seconds (i.e. appox, 68 minutes for 20GB of iCloud Backup)

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