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We are using Client (because we need oo4o for now) and occasionally when we insert an image file as a BLOB, the image gets corrupted. A picture will be a black box with a thin white strip at the top is what we see if we display the image in our program. If we save the image back to a file (TIFF in this case) the image information is all correct (we store text information about the image). This happens in a very small # of transfers (maybe 10 out of 1000). We've tested this on Oracle 10,11 and 12. The only constant is the client at

Any ideas?
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I might be confused but if you save the stored BLOB back to a file and it displays properly, then doesn't that point to a problem with your app that displays it?


No, if we save it back the image itself is usually all black except for a thin line (and it shows that way in any image app) but any non image information stored in the file is still good (we store information on the device that scanned the image and some other text info in the TIFF that is inserted into the DB using Oracles CopyFromFile command).

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