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zozimos used Ask the Experts™
Old iPad running ios 10.  Where/how do i find Youtube file i downloaded?
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There are no files to be found on any iPad/iPhone etc. That's because there's no file sytem that you can browse through.
All files are to be found from within the program itself. If you made a Word document with some Word app, the file can only be found and accessed from within that app. So in your case, you can find the file in Youtube, or the Youtube downloader you used.
Jackie Man IT Manager
Top Expert 2010
Are you using a YouTube app specially designed for developing countries where the Internet is not good enough for streaming?

If not, there are no downloaded files at all as what you watch is just streaming media. The media is not saved inside YouTube app and the downloaded cache is only valid for the session of the video you are watching.

Besides, there are no apps on iTunes App Store which can download the media of YouTube as it violates the license agreement with Google.

There are ways to download the media in YouTube, but only with a computer.


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