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Maggi Soffa
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I am trying to run .vbs script who reads data from Excel. It works fine when I run it from command line but it does not work if I run it from Task Scheduler, but if I run it as Administrators  from Task scheduler it works. But the I can only save the task as "Run only when user is logged on"

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Does your script instantiate the "Excel.Application" object?
What exactly does not work? Any error messages?
Try to give to the user you are launching the script as the writing permissions to the following:
%SystemRoot%\System32\\config\systemprofile\Desktop   (create this folder if it does not exists)
registry keys:
        ◦ HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT\Software\Microsoft

Also, do the following:
        1. run "mmc comexp.msc ",
        2. Expand Component Services/Computers/My Computer/DCOM Config/Microsoft Excel Application
        3. Open Properties, then switch to the "Security" tab
        4. In "Launch and Activation" panel switch the radio to Customize
        5. Click "Edit…" to open the "Launch and Activation Permission" dialog
        6. Add the user's accounts, then enable the “Local Activation” permission and save.


It has Set objExcel = CreateObject("Excel.Application")
There are no errors just stops but I can see in the Task Manager it opens Excel.
Try to use the Microsoft Sysinternals Process monitor tool to find out what events were failed.
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IIRC Excel (as all Office) tasks require a GUI session, and if running "whether logged on ..." there is no such session.
Maybe you can restrict the task to work with a CSV file instead, which does not require Office Automation.


I need  Excel to make the CSV/TEXT file automaticly therefrom another program process it.
Excel (as all Office) tasks require a GUI session
Not exactly. Please see my first comment which contains an instruction how to make the Excel work without a GUI session.

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