Advertising eBGP a subnet from a larger block

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Client has a /16 and wants to advertise a /24 within the /16 via a new carrier at one of their smaller sites. Are there any things I need to discuss with the current carrier or the new carrier to make sure the new peering doesn't interfere with the existing route advertisements? Any other gotchas to consider in this operation? Thanks!
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Network Engineer
I find this question curious as an organization with a public /16 block should have some significant networking expertise and wouldn't be posting the question like this is their first time doing it.

I am not aware of any particular issues that you should be concerned about, other than normal BGP stuff like make sure you're only accepting and advertising the routes you're expecting. The new ISP should be doing similar due diligence.

I only have a single /24 advertised through 3 carriers and 2 locations, so my network is likely a bit simpler.
amigan_99Network Engineer


Thank you.

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