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Good Day,

I recently got a E1 line through digium gateway G100, then bought 3 digium d60 and 1 d80 ip phones, and then a conference phone for my office.

I have been using Wifi for over 1year now with zero issues. Use ubiquiti AC Pro, 2 on the floor. open space of 289sqm.

How can I deploy the IP phones without without having to run LAN please?
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You will have to set up a WiFi bridge.  That is a device that will connect to your WiFi and provide a wired Ethernet port connected to the WiFi.


kindly recommend a reliable WiFi bridge
My experience with them has been very limited and was a while ago.

I believe that many of the Ubiquiti APs can be configured to act as wireless-to-wired bridges.  I'm a fan of their products, so I'd start looking there.

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