How can I report printer usage (page counts) over time?

Michael Spellman
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I would like to track printer usage and identify underutilized printers.  I collected information from the printers showing the number of B&W pages, the number of color pages and the date checked.
I would like to be able to update the page counts and then run a report showing the number of pages printed and the number of work days between the dates checked.

The goal is to identify printers that aren't being fully utilized.  I have been trying to use the DMax function to select the records with the latest date checked.  I am not sure how best to go about identifying the latest counts, vs the previous, etc..
I would like to be able to collect the usage data at regular intervals and then produce a standard report.

Any help that can be provided is appreciated.
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Check my attachment if this is what you are looking for
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That is great.  I have been trying to get the DMax function to work, but kept getting #Errors instead of numbers.  I'll just have to address the circumstances where the counts are zero because the printer wasn't working.

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