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User documents shared path between XP and Windows 10

thandel asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2019-11-20
Migrating some Window XP computers to Windows 10 (please no comments) - We had some files used in XP under
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\Support\

This is a path in many of our documents.  Now in Windows 10 files in that path for these documents don't work.  

While we are still completing the migration  am looking for a path for "all users" that will work in XP and Windows 10 preferable from  a users documents tree.

Any suggestions or is this possible?
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Distinguished Expert 2019

Windows 10 will likely have smbv1 disabled which is the only supported version on XP.

Not sure how you mean that they don't work where do these point to?

The same location exists, you may gave to reassert ownership/permissions
Depending how you transferred the data, the ntfs permission may not be inheriting from the parent, i.e when you have
Right click on the support folder, security tab, advanced, reapply parent right ingeritance as well as reapply to child ..


Thank you nothing to do with SMBV1... just wondering if there is a common path to a users documents I can use?  For ex:

c:\documents and settings\todd\documents <--  XP
c:\users\todd\documents <-- Windows  10

Using the XP path in Windows 10 to get to the directory as well.

Sorry if I'm not being clear.
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Placing the data in the public, all users documents makes it available

Desktop make it appear on all peoples desktop.
When you move files, the original permissions is what is set in the documents, you need to reassert the public permissions.

I do not understand fully what you are after as you provided a comparison and I see to have misinterpreted what you are after.

The %allusersprofile% will open the respective location on either system


Trying to find some sort of universal path that would work on both XP and windows 10.  Public would be great for Win 10 only but XP doesn't support a public user.

Is there a environmental variable that would take me to public documents or a particular users' documents in Win 10 and XP?
Distinguished Expert 2019
%allusersprofile% shoukd end up in the same place