Tweak Mojave Macos operating system using xcode10.2.1

Joseph Jean pierre
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Hi - I need quick working tips to tweak my Mac mini - Mojave - 10.14.5 , swift 4.2 , xcode 10.2.1
processor 2.5 ghz intel core i5, ram memory 8gb , intel hd graphics , hardisk 500gb 50% free space available , desktop monitor 23 inches. using xcode or other apps takes long time and doing remote vpn connecting with vnc shows very slow refresh rates. while my ubuntu remote vpn working is faster. Kindly help.
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The most obvious is the RAM, you've 8gb .. increase to 16Gb or more.
The next best performance boost is to change the HD into an SSD .. both options will improve performance by the greatest degree.

There is nothing you can do with XCode really to improve performance on OSX however you can free up memory by ensuring that no unnecessary programs or services are running.

If you open the Activity Monitor application on OSX you can see what apps are consuming memory and affecting processor performance and target them where possible.

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