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Decommission Skype for Business on prem and move to O365

leadtheway asked
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Last Modified: 2019-11-25
Skype for business online not syncing all the users.  So we had a SFB 2015 on premise server that we wanted to phase out after moving to O365.  It appears any user that was active in on prem server, doesn't show up in SFBO dashboard and vice versa, if the users were created but not enabled in SFB on prem, they show up in dashboard.  I want to remove the on prem service all together, can i simply uninstall or do i need to go through and disable all users first.  Then how do I get them to resync with O365. The reason t his came up is can't get the audio conferencing license to apply to these users...they apply but it doesn't give them a number. I've tracked it down to being the hybrid type solution. Which we run for exchange but nothing was setup for the on prem SFB
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Jian An LimSolutions Architect
Top Expert 2016

my recommendation to configure your SFB2015 into hybrid mode. (assume you have a EDGE service for SFB2015)

then move the user from on-premises to office 365.

Once you are done, then change DNS (sip related) to Office 365, then yo ucan decomm your SFB2015.
Removed all AD attributes that pointed to on prem, having done that, allowed SFB online to work properly with the domain creds

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