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We have a mailbox that multiple users use.  Google G Suite asking to verify if its me when setting up for a new user.  I'm not sure who this Motorola Mot X is.  Is there any way through the admin interface to fix this and remvoe the Moto?  How do we prevent this scenario from happening in the future?

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In the admin page, there should be a mentioning of 2 step verification. It's definitely safer to have it always ON.
However, if this account is installed on your phone, you can still follow the same steps, it doesn't really have to be that Motorola phone, it can be any phone that's trusted already.
I reviewed the mailbox.  2 factor is already off.  How is this possible if it appears to be on?

Sorry, I was mistaken, it's not part of the 2-step verification. It's part of the suspicious activity routine. It's described here:

Disabling a challenge
If the user can't verify their identity, can I disable the login challenge?
In some situations, an authorized user can’t verify their identity. For example, they might not have a phone signal and can’t get the verification code. Or, they can’t remember or find their employee ID.

If this happens, as an administrator you can temporarily turn off the login challenge to allow them to sign in:

Sign in to the Google Admin console.
Find the user account.
Click the row for the user account to display the user information page.
Click Security.
Click Login challenge.
Click Turn Off For 10 Minutes.
It might take several minutes for this change to take effect on the user account. At that point, the login challenge is off for 10 minutes to allow the user to sign in.

You can also change the user's password to grant access to a session that is locked because the user can’t verify their identity.

Can I turn the login challenges off for my organization?
No, you can’t turn off this feature for your entire organization. You can only turn it off temporarily on a per-user basis.

Can the user turn this off themselves from their account settings?
No, only an administrator can turn the login challenges off temporarily.
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What about the random Moto phone.  Can we change the mobile device challenge or whatever they call it to another phone?
Depending on the information that's available for a user's account, users are presented with a different challenge, such as entering their employee ID or recovery email address. If a user doesn't have access to their phone, they can use backup codes to sign in

Please check the whole profile, if there's any mentioning of this phone. If there is, the only option is to sign out this device AND change this account's password (otherwise, if the password is saved on that device, it probably logs back in automatically). This option is if you really don't know about this phone, and NO employee ever had permission to use this account on their phone.
You can also enable a recovery phone number, that will probably have priority over the other phones. If you are sure, there are indeed people who are allowed on this account with their phone, this problem CAN'T be solved, as any signed in phone can possibly appear as the recovery method.
seems like Gsuite provides a pretty hooptie security and administration workflow for challenge authentication.

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