Concatenating InfoPath form filed data for Sharepoint

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I have an InfoPath form that has a start date and start time field created from SharePoint list.
I did not like the text box for the time field so I created 3 separate drop-down lists for hours, minutes and period..
Hoe do I concatenate the 3 fields  and have it save to the start time field when the form is submitted.
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Clay FoxDirector of Business Integration

You would just need a rule action which would take those parts and put them back like they need to be in SharePoint
It has been a long time since I have used InfoPath but it can be done.
Typically I would expose the original date Time from SharePoint in a text box formatted as raw text. That shows you exactly the syntax you have to recreate.
I know SQL dates would have a T in between the date and time.  You also may need to add some seconds on the end etc.

Let me know if that helps
Thanks for the starting point for the answer to my question.
Assigned the concat(start_hours,":",start_minutes," ",start_period) formula to my start field and hide that field on the form.

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