Trying to sum values in a report footer

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I'm trying to sum values in the report footer.  The value I'm trying to sum is txtQty1 where a field named QLBreakoutSortOrder is null.  I don't know how to write the control source.  Can someone help?
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Jeffrey CoachmanMIS Liason
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Not sure what the full scope of this question is, ...

But you can certainly convert Nulls to zeros by using the NZ() function...
NZ(QLBreakoutSortOrder,0 )
...or use an IIF:
IIF(isnull(QLBreakoutSortOrder),0,QLBreakoutSortOrder )

To be sure, you will have to post a bit more about this issue.
...or simply post a small sample db that illustrates this issue, ...and clearly explain what you need the result to be...
John TsioumprisSoftware & Systems Engineer

=Sum(Nz(Your field,0))
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I think what you are looking for, is in the ControlSource of the textbox in the report footer, use:

=Sum(IIF(isnull([QLBreakoutSortOrder]),0, txtQty1) )

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