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Help with Firepower 1010 device

alex110109 used Ask the Experts™

We have been given Cisco Firepower 1010 firewall to use at a site and we need help with configuring site to site VPN.

Here is the current status

1. We don't have what's called the FMC, we only use FTD which is the built-in management web interface for the device. I know there is command line also available via terminal but I have no clue about how to use it. I am more of a GUI person.
2. I have managed to configure the basic settings so I can get on the Internet from behind the firewall.
3. I have also configured site to site VPN with the remote site. Remote site is using a Draytek Router and Draytek side it is showing that the VPN has been established. On Firepower side, I can't see the status in the GUI but command line (show crypto isakmp sa) is showing VPN to be up. I googled that command I don't know CLI commands for cisco.
4. So VPN is up but can't route traffic between the two sites either ways.

I am aware that in Cisco firewalls, just doing VPN isn't enough, you have to do firewall rules or policies etc. I don't know where to do it from GUI and I have a feeling it might not even be possible via GUI in this device. That's fine as long as someone can help me create those rules and policies using command line.

Need to go live next week so any urgent help will be greatly appreciated.
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