Can I have 2 Windows images in parallels

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I have a Windows 7 machine, running in parallels.  I have to upgrade to Win 10.

I want to be able to have both versions of Windows running until I make sure that the Windows 10 install has all of the necessary data and programs migrated from Windows 7 to Windows 10.

Questions are:
Can I have both versions of Windows installed in parallels at the same time
How do I do that
How do I boot to each version of Windows

Please be as specific as possible
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You can have several snapshots and switch the machine between them. Having two VMs with the same Windows 7 license is not legal as long as you are not operating with a volume license.
If you have a volume license you can clone your virtual machine and give it a different name when you attach it to Parallels.
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I have one Windows 7 and two Windows 10 virtual machines in my Parallels 15 Control Center. From here I can choose which VM I want to launch.

To create a new virtual machine, click the + at top right of Parallels Control Center. This will launch a wizard that will step you through the required procedure.
Parallels Control Center


Exactly what I was looking for

Thanks for the help
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The answer you've select does not suit to your question. Absolutely. You've asked if you can have two copies of the same Windows 7 and the answer says how to create another machine in parallels.

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