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Mini Projector

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Last Modified: 2019-11-11
I have seen a lot of mini projectors popping up online lately.

Can anyone recommend a good one that will work during the day (i.e - not full darkness).

I want to use it in external meetings predominantly for presentations, to save the awkward 15 mins wasted at the start of every meeting trying to connect your laptop to someone else's projector :-)
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System Admin
I don't have a specific recommendation for model etc but recommend you stick with name brands such as Epson or viewsonic.
A word of advice look for something that is about 3000 ansi lumens if you want it to work in a lighted room, a lot of the ones you see on sites like amazon and ebay are going to be rated in a not standard lumens (look for ansi) a lot will advertise 2000 lumens and are actually only about 500 ansi lumens.
Speed54Sales Representative
As Robert says, the issue you have with mini projectors is the lack enough light output to be usable unless it's in a darkened room. Yes brightness is measured in lumens, but ansi lumens is only used to indicate how bright the white light output is. Most projectors are based around  DLP technology which all use a colour wheel (a circular disk quartered with red/green/blue and clear "filters") which spins in the light path to build colour images. This action reduces the level of colour light output anywhere up to 50% of that of white.
If you're looking for a portable projector  it will depend on what resolution you want your content to be shown at. The best one around for WXGA resolution is https://epson.com/For-Work/Projectors/Portable/PowerLite-1780W-Wireless-WXGA-3LCD-Projector/p/V11H795020 while for higher resolutions I'd recommend https://epson.com/For-Work/Projectors/Portable/PowerLite-1795F-Wireless-Full-HD-1080p-3LCD-Projector/p/V11H796020


Great, thanks for this

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