How to create a Report Sum on an calculated column in Access

Michael Paravicini
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I use a report with grouping and would like to add a group subtotal on a column which is computed the following way:

=GetTitelGV([TypeOfInvestment];[QTY];[EINSTAND];[xMarkt])  -> name of the column is xTitelGV

at the end of each Subsection I would like to show the subtotal using =Sum([xTitelGV])

However, this does not work. I don't want to use =Sum(GetTitelGV([TypeOfInvestment];[QTY];[EINSTAND];[xMarkt])) as I am using external API calls which are pretty slow.
Thank you so much for any help. Best regards Michael
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Try to rename field in report to хxTitelGV, for example, and sum new name
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Are you running this function:


in the ControlSource of the textboxes?  If so, why not just include it as part of the query?


Thank you to both of you. The easiest was to include the changes in the query... Best regards Michael

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