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Task List Software -- Windows 10

Does anyone have a "Task List Software" like
https://trello.com/tour that offers ALL of the
below, including "on Premise webpage, NOT Cloud" ?
Trello.com Already Does
 1. easy drag/drop to rearrange TASKS
 2. different color PRIORITY levels
 3. history log so we can see who
    deleted something/etc
 4. user level security
      ** ONE user as ReadWrite access
      ** other user has ReadOnly access
           ** https://help.trello.com/article/732-adding-observers-to-boards
Trello.com Does NOT do
 1. on Premise webpage, NOT Cloud
      ** per https://community.atlassian.com/t5/Trello-questions/On-premise-Trello/qaq-p/604029
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https://kanboard.org is intended to be used with an own web server. You can set up rules to set color depending on e.g. priority, account, tag, or in which vertical lane it is (with lanes being "done", "new", "processing" and similar). Drag around tasks to change the lane or sequence. You can also create steps for a task. And a lot more.