Firefox Bookmarks Settings

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Firefox 70.0.1 in Windows 7.

My Bookmarks (Bookmarks menu > Show all bookmarks) is laid out as:

All Bookmarks
        Bookmarks Toolbar
        Bookmarks Menu
        Other Bookmarks

I save my bookmarks in separate folders I create under the "Bookmarks Menu".

When I used to bookmark a page using the option "Bookmarks" menu > "Bookmark this page" I was shown a dialog where I could choose an existing folder for the new bookmark or could create a new folder in which to save it.  At some point over the last 6 months or longer (I can't remember for certain) the bookmarks are saved automatically in the "Other Bookmarks" folder and all I see up at the Firefox hamburger icon is a green "Saved to Library" notification.

I cannot find any settings in the "Library" window (Show all bookmarks) or in Firefox "Options" to force that original dialog to show so that I can choose where to save each new bookmark.  Any ideas?
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can you do it (change folder/new folder) with right click > save as?

don't remember offhand, but if you run god mode, can you find firefox settings?
Oh yes, I forgot about the "God Mode".  You mean "about:config" or were you referring to the Windows 7 shortcut that shows all the available settings in one window?

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the Windows 7 shortcut.

i forgot about "about:config".  it looks like "....showForNewBookmarks" might be what you need to change, but double check on that first. I'm a little rusty on this stuff.
Thanks  "_"  That setting did it.


I also discovered, only minutes after you posted, that this setting also ticks a box in the following drop-down dialog that I have never used before and therefore wasn't aware of.

After bookmarking a page the star at the right of the address bar turns blue.
Clicking on that provides an "Edit Bookmark" option, at the bottom left of which is a box entitled "Show Editor when saving".

This drop-down edit dialog only stays on screen for about 5 seconds before defaulting to "Saved to Library", so it's not as useful as the previous way things were done, but better than opening "All Bookmarks" and then dragging and dropping into a folder of choice:


kewl. thanks.

I forgot about using the blue star, also. i miss my mind...     : /
Why do I no longer have any control of, or even visibility of, points and grades awarded?  I was never asked how many points I perceived the question to be worth.  The only thing I saw was a slider from shit to excellent with which to "grade" the answer, so I obviously slid it to the right.

it happened about a year ago. there was a big flap over it in Community Support.
Hmmm.  I am out of touch not having asked questions during that time.  I know of one "big flap" that hung around the Community Support group, but he's vanished ;-)

all questions are now 2000 points. that's about the same time they raised the minimum earned premie from 3000 per month to 10,000.
Damn, I posted a "comment" in the "testimonial" field that is presented first.  That's bad design.  How the hell can I now get rid of the comment that will end up in your testimonials?

FIXED - I was able to delete it from your profile.


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