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How to eliminate Chromium from my computer?

philsimmons used Ask the Experts™
I got a new Lenovo laptop (Windows 10), and somehow a browser program called "Chromium" got installed.  I am trying to get rid of it, but the usual uninstall program doesn't work.  It seems to start - then gives me choices for saving settings (none of which are the settings I want), and won't let me continue with the uninstall unless I select from the settings choices they offer.  This seems very troubling.  How can I get rid of this?


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Have a look on this video: https://youtu.be/Ch5DWKXaAjA
I would also suggest starting task manager then right click on chromium process and see where it starts from.
Start regedit.exe and search for chromium and delete it. Once you found it and delete press F3 in regedit and delete what it finds.


Thank you!