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Deploying OS via Lifecycle I get error lifecycle Unable to import operating system configuration file

I have a dell poweredge r630 and when I try to deploy the OS I get an error "lifecycle Unable to import operating system configuration file. I am trying to install server 2019 with USB media.
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Tehre was a recent updates release for the bios/lifecycle that may help address/resolve your issue.

that are seen as urgent.
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Well I tried to download the firmware and use a USB but that was a no go. I extracted all of the files to the USB but said the correct path was no found. Looks like there is a few different ways to do the update.
Do you have idrac enterprise or express?
USB has to be in the system when the system is booting to be detected, it does not refresh the USB if inserted after the system is booted.
Accessing via the idrac and updating that way might be a better option.
presumably you do not want to use the dell repository manager, download the SUU
to create a repository package for your specific system and then either ......

check your bios, lifescycle version and which OS is supported when you go through the OS deployment via F10, is 2019 an option for a deployment OS?
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2019 is an options for OS deployment. No idea if this express or enterprise. I can't find that info anywhere. Im just booting straight into idrac and trying to update that way.
when you are in the idrac, the options available to you is a way to determine which option you have.
idrac info, will show that you have an additional license which will make it enterprise. Express is included at no additional cost.
Are you able to upload packages for update such as bios/lifecycle, raid controller, etc?
or if your idrac has a default gateway to go out to dell and fetch the updates it needs....
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Sounds like it can't find the unattend XML file, does i twork if you select "manual install"
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