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Firmware Update for Dell MD 3200


I have a Dell Storage MD3200.
I want to make sure that all the firmware of the above MD3200 is CURRENT.
1)      How to check the existing firmware?
2)      How to do the update of this firmware? (note: I cannot RDP to this MD 3200; I believe that I need to get a kind of “management software” which would be installed in one of the Dell server; that software would allow me to communicate with the MD 3200; what software is it?)

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Dr. Klahn

1) Go to the Dell support site, enter your device's service tag, and download the support software.

2)  DO A FULL BACKUP OF THE STORAGE DEVICE.  Upgrading the firmware may fail, or the RAID set may break on new firmware.   Then follow the instructions supplied with the downloaded firmware.

My advice:  If it's working satisfactorily, leave it alone.  Upgrading firmware usually has about a ten percent chance of failing.  If it does, in this case you need a working spare with the same level firmware ready to immediately slot in.  Without that spare it'll be about a week delay while you order a replacement and my guess is that you can't afford to be down that long.
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I go to the Dell Support
Key in the SN
I go to the Drivers Downloads

There are 7 category:
1) Application (2 software)
2) Diagnostic (1)
3) Enterprise HDD/SSD (1)
4) Resource CD (1)
5) SAS Drive (4)
6) Storage Controller (1)
7) System Management (6 software)

Note: I have never worked with SAN or Storage before.

I believe the important software is from # 6 “Storage Controller”; Only one software for it which is “ Dell PowerVault MD 32/36 Series storage controller firmware and NVSRAM firmware version (Released on 16 May 2017).

Question: How do I EXECUTE this updating of  the storage controller (version from my laptop or from other Dell Server? I believe i can not do the RDP (Remote Desktop, I believe i need some kind of management software which i can install  in my laptop and able to communicate with MD 3200.... Do you know what software is it?

look at rthe download - it comes normally as a zip or exe file - then just run it ( after unzip)
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I am using the MDSM software to update the storage controller from version to the newest version which I downloaded from Dell web site.
There is an error message here (please see the screen shots); the package is in zip file. Any help to make it working?

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Hi Nobus,

Thanks, It works (Yes, i have to unpack firstly).

I have another problem; i want to update all the 12 HD, but it does not show up in the MDSM.
Any software for it please?.

can you show a screenshot of MDSM when it is supposed to show them ?
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Hi Nobus,

Please see the screenshot above; it is the same.

Here is the description of "the MDSM" that i use:

Dell PowerVault MD32/MD34/MD36/MD38 Series Resource DVD
Resource DVD for Dell PowerVault MD32/MD34/MD36/MD38 storage arrays.
Fixes & Enhancements
-Addresses driver signature issue when clustering in Microsoft Windows.

Enhancements: None
Version, A09
Resource CD
Release date
24 Aug 2016
Last Updated
24 Aug 2016
Available formats
File Format:DVD ISO Image 1
File Name:DELL_MDSS_Consolidated_RDVD_6_4_0_5.iso
Download Type:HTTP
File Size:2.83 GB
Format Description:
This file contains an ISO image to be used to create a DVDROM image. Download the file to a folder on your hard drive, and then create a DVD using your choice of DVD burning software.
 Download File
To ensure the integrity of your download, please verify the checksum value.
By downloading, you accept the terms of the Dell Software License Agreement.
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 Compatible Systems
 Supported Operating Systems
 Applies to
 Installation instructions
 Important Information

you posted :  "but it does not show up in the MDSM."   what does not show exactly?  what is it supposed to look for? all i see is that you're looking for a file ( did you download and prepare it correct?
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My Goal: To update the 12 Hard drive at MD3200

The problem: Which TOOLS should i use for it?

The things that i did: I used the MDSM tool, but it does not give me an option for it.
(Note: However, I am able to update  both controllers using MDSM; now, they have the current version)
glad it is working