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How to play iPhone songs in VLC apps

jana asked
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Last Modified: 2019-11-15
H guys!

I have downloaded VLC in my iPhone X and I want to use my iPhone music on it but the music folder is not present.  Yet there is an option to connect to the iPhone but it seems the the address May be wrong.

VLC option
The VLC is from Apple store: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/vlc-for-mobile/id650377962

How can play my iPhone song in VLC apps without the need to conecta to iTunes? (The songs are in my iPhone not my iTunes)
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BAD NEWS .. You cannot do it .. VLC has no ability to play the Music which is locked in the iOS Music App.  If you want to play music .. you've to re-upload the music files onto the VLC app local storage on the iPhone .. which means in effect you'll have 2 copies of the music on your device.

The VLC app can play music or video which is on a network device and where the music is shared  i.e. a PC or NAS drive but in all other cases you have to COPY the music or video into the VLC app.

The apps on iOS devices are heavily sandboxed/isolated from each other and only certain apps can see each others data. From what I can see VLC app does not have permission to access the Music app library on iOS.


Yes, bad news ... :(

Thank u!

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